Captain Charlie loves his sailing but he loves the social aspect of every cruise; meeting new people, hearing their stories, telling you his. It’s all about US out on the water.

Your happiness, the joy you experience, maybe the first time ever on a boat is truly a golden moment and I wanna be there when it happens.

I own the DAFFY sailboat and I have total control over the boat and the schedule; if you have some ideas of what you would really like to do from just lounging on the deck in the sun, or some swimming/ snorkeling, checking out the Intracoastal. Last year I had a couple who had been on the boat before that brought their parents as a gift; the father said, I don’t want to go out Oceanside, I want to look at real-estate; he had a list of the homes and we spent the next hours going up every canal looking at houses.

we do a Wedding Vows Cruise I take the time to find out what you want the trip to look like; do you want to go in the ocean or just anchor in a quiet cove; I will decorate the boat if you like and prepare different nuptials to read at the ceremony; to me, this day is sacred and deserves to be celebrated as such. I care about the time you spend on the boat; it needs to be quality time; it needs to be safe and comfortable; whatever I can do to make that happen is what I want for you. Your lack of boating experience does not have to restrict you from coming aboard; take comfort that your Captain will be quite aware of your fears and reservations and will go out of his way to make the cruise a memorable experience for you. Sailingdaffy will always make sure that the price you paid for your cruise will be well managed; if inclement weather is a factor, we will reschedule and if necessary give you a full refund. Sailingdaffy is always looking for ways to give back to the community; Churches, schools, civic organizations will always be acknowledged when possible.