• May 13, 2019
  • by Daffy
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Your Sailboat Charter trip should be as changing as the wind and the tide; the DAFFY is never locked into any set plan unless you want it that way; sailing around or just motoring around is what we can do. Enjoy your soda, wine, beer, or other; kick off your shoes, put on some suntan lotion and a hat and Enjoy. Boating is weather and people dependent; your comfort and enjoyment will always be the guide for what we do on the boat. Maybe you don’t want to go Oceanside, maybe you'd rather cruise the Intracoastal Waterway or stop for lunch or dinner at one of the many waterside eateries, or go over to Lake Slvia or Sunset Lake and just “anchor out” for the morning or afternoon. Maybe you’d enjoy anchoring out to go swimming or a bit of snorkeling; a fishing line over the side is never ruled out. Perhaps you’d like a hands on sailing lesson! Your charter is at your disposal for whatever you want to do.

A good day on a sailboat is when everybody can enjoy the experience; I love kids on my boat, as a granddad, I’ve found many things that the young crew members can enjoy; just gotta talk it up a bit! The younger kids especially seem to enjoy exploring the boat. Young & Old enjoy a good day sailing on the water.

Babies are in their own world out at sea, they love the rocking and rolling and they usually cry when it stops! Our youngest cruisers ages 8 wk., 11wk, and 2 @ 12 wks.! Trust me, they are as snug as a bug in a rug. Some of our cruisers aren’t as agile as they used to be 60 70 80 yrs. ago No Problem, we’ll get them on the boat if they wanna come and they will feel at home!!

Does the DAFFY have a bathroom and a place to change clothes?
YES. You will be pleased!
Do you ever see any SHARKS in the ocean?
Only 2 in 47 years never been an issue while swimming off the boat.
How about Dogs (and Cats)?
if your dog (or cat or bird) can behave itself, bring em along.
Captain. How come you don’t charge us for fuel?
I’d be embarrassed to ask for five bucks more for the 2 gal of diesel we’re gonna use on a 4 hour cruise.
Should I be concerned about motion sickness?
Only a very few suffer that problem on the Daffy. Take the Bonine I have on the boat. 90 % could be avoided by taking 2 chewable I Listen to me, you should be fine. Get ready for a great experience!
Can I get out of the sun?
The DAFFY has a big Bimini canvas awning but bring sunscreen; I have plenty of tubes aboard.
What about food and drinks?
Bring what you wanna eat, drink (alcohol OK) smoke em if you got em (I don’t)
I heard something about Promotions on the DAFFY.
That is correct, Everybody gets into the Promotion game. I aint gonna spoil it by telling you about it though.
Captain, can I drive the boat?
Always eager to share my passion with you. Take the wheel for a bit !!!

The DAFFY sailboat has been privy to weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and even ashes at sea. The Captain is licensed by the State of Florida to perform weddings.