I love kids. This past year we had an 8 wk old baby, 11 wk old, and 2- 12 wk old, They loved it.  The younger kids especially seem to enjoy exploring the boat.

Only 2 in 47 years, Never been an issue while swimming off the boat.

If your dog or cat or bird can behave itself, bring em along.

I’d be embarrassed to ask for five bucks more for the 2 gal of diesel we’re gonna use on a 4 hour cruise.

Only a very few suffer that problem on the Daffy.  Take the Bonine I have on the boat.  90 % could be avoided by taking 2 chewable I listen to me, you should be fine. Get ready for a great experience !

The DAFFY has a big Bimini canvas awning but bring sunscreen; I have plenty of  tubes aboard.

Bring what you wanna eat, drink ( alchohol OK) smoke em if you got em (I don’t)

That is correct.  Everybody gets into the Promotion game. I aint gonna spoil it by telling you about it though.

Always eager to share my passion with you. Take the wheel for a bit!!!

Yes, we provide this service to the community. The cost is $400 for our veterans, the cost is $250. Bring up to 6 guests. The event is always dignified and respectful. If you want to finish out the day with some sailing, even better.